Energy Leapers

ATK: 276 / CRT: 32

Stun and Run [SP: 14][CD: 16s]
Drops a stun bomb and teleports backwards. The stun bomb then explodes, dealing 350% ATK of Physical DMG and generating a stun field that lasts for 4.50s.

Temporal Frenzy
When triggering global Time Fracture, character gains 80.0% Attack Speed and 25.0% Crit Rate for 4s. Said buffs are dispelled once Time Fracture ends.

VN Name: Còng Năng Lượng
CN Name: 能量跃迁者

Description: Anti-Entropy achieved huge breakthroughs in quantum research thanks to test data acquired from experimenting on Seele. The advancement was then used to craft this weapon.