Blooded Saints

ATK: 277 / CRT: 33

Holy Verdict
When Basic or Burst attacks hit the enemy, summon Orbital Support to deal 450% ATK of Physical DMG to target nearby enemies. Orbital Support can strike once every 6.0s. Sündenjäger equip bonus: Apply a Hunted Brand to current target for 13s.

Blooded Hands
Blooded Hands Every time the character summons Orbital Support using the Holy Verdict skill, character gains 7% Physical DMG for 20.0s. Stacks up to 6 times. Triggering this again resets the duration. Buff ends once the character exits.

VN Name: Huyết Thủ Thánh đồ
CN Name: 血手圣徒

Description: A pair of charcoal-black guns with crimson red highlights that remind people of blood spilled in the night. Perfect fit with the valuable demonhunter outfit. This pair of guns once belonged to a Saint who hunted down an abomination with regret in her heart, allowing the blood of sin to stain her hands.