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Banquet Rose (Mad Pleasure: Shadowbringer)

Banquet Rose (Mad Pleasure: Shadowbringer)

ATK: 301 / CRT: 11

Manor of Chaos [SP: 0][CD: 0s]
The weapon active's CD, max charges, and effects are based on the wielder's type. When the character has the Harmonized Shadow Star tag, she deals 12.0% (20.0% at 5★) more Ice DMG. When used by Mad Pleasure: Shadowbringer, after her Ultimate hits enemies, a Time-frozen Domain will be triggered for 3s, which pauses the skill timers and stage timer for the character and enemies. Switching characters during Time-frozen Domain will end it immediately. After the Time-frozen Domain ends, 110.1% (150.0% at 5★) ATK of Ice DMG will be dealt to enemies. CD: 15s. Enemies who take this DMG will take 6.0% (10.0% at 5★) more Total DMG for 25s. Retriggering refreshes duration. When entering Stellar Outburst or when Wheel of Destiny is activated, characters with Astral Ring Specialization: Wheel of Destiny will increase Total DMG taken by enemies when their Ultimates hit.

Tilted Goblet
Outside of Stellar Outburst, Ultimate Evasion restores Astral Ring Intensity by 2. During Stellar Outburst, Total DMG is increased by 6.0% (10.0% at 5★). When equipped by Mad Pleasure: Shadowbringer, Ice DMG is increased by 10.0% (18.0% at 5★), she gains 3 initial Banquet Enjoyment, and the next Moment of Indulgence deals additional 450% ATK of Ice DMG. When Astral Ring Specialization: Wheel of Destiny is activated, characters protected by Astral Ring Specialization: Wheel of Destiny will deal 6.0% (10.0% at 5★) more Elemental and Physical DMG.

Brittle Shackles (Synergy I/II/III)
Enemies take 3.0%/6.0%/9.0% more Total DMG from characters on the field (independent & exclusive). When used by Mad Pleasure: Shadowbringer, reduces SP cost by 30.0/40.0/50.0 when unleashing Ultimate for the first time.

VN Name: Tường Vi Dạ Yến

JP Name: 夜宴ノ薔薇
CN Name: 夜宴蔷薇

Description: The nobles who are lofty and hypocritical. The powerful who are wary and inflexible. The wise who are scheming and obsessed. The girl witnessed, judged, and made her conclusion. "None are worthy. In that case, it falls to me..." "To become the true ruler."