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Blast Hammer: Blazing Red (Coralie - Valkyrie Blastmetal)

Blast Hammer: Blazing Red (Coralie - Valkyrie Blastmetal)

ATK: 283 / CRT: 23

Hammer In, Hammer Out [SP: 0][CD: 0s]
The weapon active's CD, max charges, and effects are based on wielder's type. Casting a weapon skill increases the character's Fire DMG by 22.0% for 15s. Can be refreshed. When used by Valkyrie Blastmetal, the last hit of A Serious Hammering has a larger range and deals an additional 400.0% ATK of Fire DMG.

Small Hammer for Fun, Big Hammer for Domination
Casting weapon skill inflicts a stack of Direct Hammering on all enemies on the battlefield, which increases Total DMG taken by enemies by 6.0% for 25s. 2 stacks max. Retriggering refreshes duration (exclusive). When used by Valkyrie Blastmetal, max stacks increase to 3, and casting Ultimate inflicts a stack of Direct Hammering. When entering Stellar Outburst, inflicts 3 stacks of Vulnerability on all enemies.

Alternative Hammering (Synergy I/II/III)
All team members deal 3.0%/4.0%/6.0% more Total DMG. During Stellar Outburst, increases the team's Elemental DMG by 3.0%/6.5%/10.0% (exclusive).

VN Name: Búa Nổ: Rực Đỏ

JP Name: ブラストハンマー・ヒート
CN Name: 爆锤·灼红

Description: If you ask Coralie why she chose a weapon so unsuited for her physique, she can always come up with all sorts of reasons: "The destructive power that far exceeds other weapons, the changing sounds of the hammer striking objects, the addictive feeling of impact, and most importantly, when you place the hammerhead on the ground and lean the handle against a wall or rock, it becomes a portable little stool. I mean, it's not very comfortable, but it's actually quite nice once you get used to it. Wanna try to sit on it, Helia?" "Uh, thanks. I guess I will."