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Calm Baby

Calm Baby

ATK: 255 / CRT: 22

Blazing Frenzy [SP: 0][CD: 0s]
The weapon active's CD, max charges, and effects are based on wielder's type. Casting a weapon skill increases the character's Total DMG by 24.0% for 10s.

Going All Out!
Restores 300 HP when the character enters the field during Stellar Outburst. During Stellar Outburst, the character deals 12.0% more Total DMG when on the field.

True Passion (Synergy I/II/III)
During Stellar Outburst, the character deals additional 80.0%/160.0%/240.0% ATK of Adaptive DMG when dealing weapon skill DMG. CD: 5s.

VN Name: Bảo Bối Bình Tĩnh

JP Name: HEY!落ち着け
CN Name: 冷静宝贝

Description: A certain redhead doctor tried to produce a close-range explosive weapon to suit her personal aesthetic. To prevent its users from getting too carried away while using it, she chose a name designed to help people maintain their cool. "Doctor, in our closed testing, 49 out of 50 testers felt the name had the opposite effect." "Hmph. One person who understands me is enough." "But it was Coralie."

Note: Foundry