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Electrifying Arc: Azure Sky (Helia - Valkyrie Boltstorm)

Electrifying Arc: Azure Sky (Helia - Valkyrie Boltstorm)

ATK: 410 / CRT: 41

Above the Blue Sky [SP: 0][CD: 0s]
The weapon active's CD, max charges, and effects are based on wielder's type. Weapon skill hits increase Total DMG by 3.5% for 1.5s. 10 stacks max. Retriggering refreshes duration.

In the Deep Woods
Increases Lightning DMG by 25.0%. During Stellar Outburst, increases Lightning DMG from weapon skills by 25.0%. When used by Valkyrie Boltstorm, increases Lightning DMG taken by enemies hit by Targeted Bombardment by 20.0% for 25s. Retriggering refreshes duration.

Under the Warm Sun
When weapon active hits, increases team Total DMG by 12.0% for 25s. Retriggering refreshes duration (exclusive). When used by Valkyrie Boltstorm, Targeted Bombardment generates 7 connecting explosions, each dealing 200.0% ATK of Lightning DMG and additional 2.0 DMG to fixed-DMG shields.

Ceaseless Quest (Synergy I/II/III)
Increases the team's Elemental DMG by 4.0%/8.0%/12.0%. Enemies take 3.0%/6.0%/9.0% more Elemental DMG from weapon skills (exclusive).

VN Name: Ánh Chớp Chói Lóa: Bầu Trời Xanh

JP Name: 迅雷の弧光・蒼空
CN Name: 电光飞弧·湛空

Description: She pursued the reflection of her ideal, like a child who was running barefooted. Across the vast fields and distant starry sky. That reflection was so clear, distant, and still. She looked at her own reflection and realized a treasure as important as her ideal. That is to find herself.

Note: Upgrade from Electrifying Arc