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The Value of Pi

The Value of Pi

ATK: 256 / CRT: 21

A Spell for Better Memory [SP: 0][CD: 0s]
The weapon active's CD, max charges, and effects are based on wielder's type.

Beyond the World's Constants
Increases Total DMG by 15.0%. Increases Total DMG by another 10.0% during Stellar Outburst.

3.141593 (Synergy I/II/III)
Increases Elemental DMG of weapon skill by 4.0%/8.0%/12.0% and Physical DMG of weapon skill by 3.0%/6.0%/9.0%.

VN Name: Số Pi

JP Name: 円周率
CN Name: 圆周率

Description: A prototype weapon from the Data Research Lab, designed with the concept "hoping this would fit in every work settings in the Sea of Data" in mind. But for some reason, ultimately, it had its Source Matter removed and was sold as a yoyo... Or maybe your companion can change its destiny?

Note: Foundry