Torch of Eons (Fuhua - Fenghuang of Vicissitude)

ATK: 303 / CRT: 9

World Like a Furnace [SP: 0][CD: 17s]
Generates a Pocket Dimension that lasts for 5s. Deals 12.0% (20.0% at 5★) more Total DMG while within the Pocket Dimension. This effect lasts for 10s even after leaving the Pocket Dimension. Triggering it again resets the duration. When equipped by Fenghuang of Vicissitude, QTEs and switching stances can trigger the Pocket Dimension. The Pocket Dimension inflicts the corresponding Feather Burning Mark on enemies within it based on the current stance and removes the Feather Burning Mark of the other stance. When an enemy marked with Feather Burning Mark is hit by a Combo ATK of the corresponding stance, the Mark detonates and deals 110.1% (150.0% at 5★) ATK of Fire DMG. Feather Burning Marks last for 5s. The Pocket Dimension and all Marks are cleared upon exit.

Heart Like a Porcelain
Fire DMG is increased by 7.6% (18.0% at 5★). When max HP exceeds 7,000, Total DMG is increased by 10.8% (14.0% at 5★).

VN Name: Ngọn Đuốc Vạn Cổ

JP Name: 万古一炬
CN Name: 萬古一炬

Description: The thousand years of winds that had blown past were akin to irreversible dreams of vicissitude. The grass that rustled from these winds sounded like footsteps in the night. Regardless of what had happened, everything was over in a blink of an eye.

Note: Upgrade to Torch of Eons: Skyfire