Anchor of the Voyage: Interstellar (Griseo - Cosmic Expression)

ATK: 436 / CRT: 23

Cosmic Dimension [SP: 0][CD: 17s]
Deploy a Cross (summoned entity) and generate a satellite that sweeps the entire field, dealing 300% ATK of Physical DMG to enemies in a range. Then, deal 100% ATK of Physical DMG every 2s for 16s, during which Bleed DMG dealt by the character is increased by 21.1% (25.0% at 6★). Cosmic Expression equip bonus: Meteor does an additional 260.7% (300.0% at 6★) ATK of Physical DMG. Landing a hit will restore her HP by 300.

Sparkling Defense
The team deals 11.1% (15.0% at 6★) more Bleed DMG (exclusive). Cosmic Expression equip bonus: She deals 26.1% (30.0% at 6★) more Physical DMG, and the team's Physical DMG is increased by 27.1% (35.0% at 6★) (exclusive).

Galactic Beacon
The team deals 9.1% (15.0% at 6★) more Total DMG (exclusive). Cosmic Expression equip bonus: When triggering Special Weapon Skill, gather enemies around the beacon and deal 30.4% (50.0% at 6★) ATK of Physical DMG (this DMG is considered as Bleed DMG that is dealt by Cosmic Expression).

VN Name: Mỏ Neo Du Thuyền: Hành Trinh Vì Sao
CN Name: 游航的定锚:星之旅

Description: The girl looked out the window and saw that blue and green planet seem smaller and smaller. She waved goodbye as she resolved herself. "Marvin, don't worry. This time, I'm not afraid." "Every star bears hope and can ignite a new civilization. And listen..." "The stars also want to be my friends."

Note: Upgrade from Anchor of the Voyage