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Anchor of the Voyage (Griseo - Cosmic Expression)

Anchor of the Voyage (Griseo - Cosmic Expression)

ATK: 298 / CRT: 13

Satellite: Render [SP: 0][CD: 17s]
Deploy a Cross (summoned entity) and generate a satellite that sweeps the entire field, dealing 300% ATK of Physical DMG to enemies in a range. Then, deal 100% ATK of Physical DMG every 2s for 16s, during which Bleed DMG dealt by the character is increased by (20% at 5★). Cosmic Expression equip bonus: Meteor does an additional (250% at 5★) ATK of Physical DMG.

Module: Heavy Color
The team deals (10% at 5★) more Bleed DMG (exclusive). Cosmic Expression equip bonus: She deals (25% at 5★) more Physical DMG, and the team's Physical DMG is increased by (25% at 5★) (exclusive).

VN Name: Mỏ Neo Du Thuyền
CN Name: 游航的定锚

Description: The values on the screen continued to decrease as the girl was approaching her old home. Her vivid memories rushed in her mind. She was a little worried and scared. Despite that, she muttered, "Marvin, I still believe that hope is something that has wings."

Note: Upgrade to Anchor of the Voyage: Interstellar