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Infinite Intimidator (Herrscher of Sentience)

Infinite Intimidator (Herrscher of Sentience)

ATK: 298 / CRT: 13

Surprise Strike [SP: 0] [CD: 15s]
Throws a brick at enemies, dealing 200.0% ATK of AOE Physical DMG. When used by Herrscher of Sentience, a hit will also restore additional 20 SP and inflict 0.1s Coma and 6 Stun Trauma, and when in burst mode grants the following moves: Basic ATK: Herrscher of Sentience integrates various weapons and repeatedly tapping [ATK] up to 10 times will fire them, dealing 4480% ATK of Physical DMG. However, holding [ATK] will not trigger the Combo ATK Slashes. Special Attack: Tap [ULT] for the Special Attack Divine Prowess. Deals 350% + 500.0% ATK of Physical DMG, inflicts 0.5s Coma and 6 Stun Trauma to struck enemies. CD: 8s. Using this skill leaves a fissure that will remain until Herrscher mode ends and enemies on the fissure cannot be knocked back. Finisher Skill: Tap [Weapon] to trigger Finisher Brick Bully. Deals 750.0% + 100% ATK of Physical DMG (Crit rate for this ATK is increased by 100%) in a large range and inflicts 6 Stun Trauma to enemies struck. This attack is regarded as an Ultimate, during which the character triggers Time-frozen Domain, stopping all skill and stage timers. Once released, burst mode will end and the Ultimate will enter a 6s CD.

Blades, At My Service
During burst mode, the character's Physical DMG increases by 10.0%. When used by Herrscher of Sentience, an enemy who already has Impair inflicted by another character will incur 12.0% more Physical DMG rather than the Impair associated with the Spiritual Vanquish area. In other cases, the Impair will be inflicted as normal. When The Best of Both Worlds is triggered, its duration is extended to 16s, while during burst mode all Against All Authority effects will be triggered. The Crit DMG boost for the wielder from Innate Invulnerability will last for the entire round.

Key of Sentience
In co-op raids, characters' Physical DMG increases by 25.0%.

VN Name: Không Thức Thời

JP Name: 物識らず
CN Name: 不識時務

Description: The Herrscher of Sentience used its authority to forge a legendary weapon. Like its creator, it has no solid form, so it has earned the alias "Phantasm". Without a physical form, it's forever in flux but can still perform a myriad of functions. It's said that based on the needs of combat, Infinite Intimidator can immediately take on the appearance of any weapon.

Note: Upgrade to Incredibly Infinite Intimidator