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Life Harvester's Song (Herrscher of Rebirth)

Life Harvester's Song (Herrscher of Rebirth)

ATK: 298 / CRT: 12

Soul of Harvester [SP: 0][CD: 15s]
[SP: 0][CD: 15s] Performs a slash, dealing 640.2% (800.0% at 5★) ATK of Physical DMG. Herrscher of Rebirth equip bonus: DMG, CD, and SP cost is determined by the wielder. All team members recover 10.0 SP when they exit in Herrscher form (CD: 15.0s; characters cools down separately).

Bud of Rebirth
All team members deal 3.0% (5.0% at 5★) more Physical DMG (exclusive) and the wielder deals 7.2% (12.0% at 5★) more Physical DMG. In Herrscher form, all enemies take 7.2% (12.0% at 5★) more Physical DMG from the wielder.

VN Name: Life Harvester's Song
CN Name: 撷生之谣

Description: s a nestling seeing its first sunrise, as an autumn wind picking the perfume of flowers; As a fry emerging from its egg, as a road forward waving goodbye to its home. And so the girl came to know that life is wandering.

Note: Upgrade to Life Harvester's Path: Shared Destiny