Star Dance: Enlightenment (Sugary Starburst)

ATK: 439 / CRT: 21

Shining Upon Stars [SP: 0][CD: 15s]
Rapidly spins pistols to fire two curved bullets that collide at the target location, whose explosion deals 532.1% (650.0% at 6★) ATK of Ice DMG. Sugary Starburst equip bonus: Fires a spread of icy bullets forward first, dealing 210.7% (250.0% at 6★) ATK of Ice DMG. When weapon active deals DMG, marks the enemy with Sweet Sound for 10s (refreshable) and increases team Total DMG by 14.4% (16.0% at 6★) for 10s (exclusive; refreshable). Sugary Starburst equip bonus: Ultimate and Charged ATK deal an additional 80% ATK of Ice DMG, while QTE deals an additional 120% ATK of Ice DMG.

Traveling with Dream
Increases team Ice DMG by 15.6% (18.0% at 6★) (exclusive) and user Ice DMG by 21.1% (25.0% at 6★). Sugary Starburst equip bonus: When Basic or Charged ATK hurts enemies marked by Sweet Sound, restores an additional 4.2 (5.0 at 6★) SP (CD: 5s). Ultimate inflict 6 Rime Trauma for each on hit.

Resonating with You
Increases Total DMG by 12.1% (20.0% at 6★). When QTE, Combo ATK, Charged ATK, or Ultimate DMG is applied to enemies marked by Sweet Sound, creates an explosion that deals 60,7% (100.0% at 6★) ATK of Ice DMG to enemies in a radius of 5 meters and restores 30 HP to all team members. Has a CD of 5s for each DMG type. Sugary Starburst equip bonus: enemies marked by Sweet Sound take 6.1% (10.0% at 6★) more Ice DMG

CN Name: 星河舞曲·启明之章

Description: Swift, careful, the perfect strike from distance. The pistols she carries as she travels the world are her trusty companions, and she holds the sincerity of an idol: "My heart shines bright so everyone else's can too!☆"

Note: Upgrade from Star Dance