Pandora's Box 18th (Terminal Aide 0017)

ATK: 294 / CRT: 16

Challenged Hope [SP: 0][CD: 18s]
Fists gain Anticipant state for 15s. During which, she deals 10,0% (20,0% at 5★) more Total DMG and has higher Ignore Interrupt. When Ultimate hits, she deals 11,0% (15,0% at 5★) more Physical DMG until Anticipant state ends (triggering it again resets the duration). Terminal Aide 0017 equip bonus: Regen: Superpartner deals an additional 240,2% (400,0% at 5★) ATK of Physical DMG. Using Existence: Configuration Manifold and Regen: Superpartner triggers weapon active and restores 1000 Dense Neutron Shield.

Ambiguous Future
Team Physical DMG increases by 10,8% (18,0% at 5★) (exclusive). Terminal Aide 0017 equip bonus: In Anticipant state, when Regen: Superpartner hits, the target takes 7,2% (12,0% at 5★) more Physical DMG for 20s (triggering it again resets the duration).

VN Name: Pandora's Box 18th
CN Name: 潘多拉之盒18th

Description: The weapon most preferred by PROMETHEUS, and the first machine created by her. She argues that she developed this pair of fists to better demonstrate her offensive capabilities, but at least she has had someone to play rock paper scissors with since then. "But why name it 'Pandora's Box'? Is it related to disasters?" "Activate it and you'll see."