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Prophetic Dreams: Self-Fulfilling (Dreamweaver)

Prophetic Dreams: Self-Fulfilling (Dreamweaver)

ATK: 439 / CRT: 21

Hundred Forms Entwined [SP: 0][CD: 0s]
The weapon active's CD, max charges, and effects are decided by the wielder. In Cosmic Dominance state, the weapon gains additional buffs. Using weapon active increases Physical DMG by 10,4% (12,0% at 6★) for 5s (triggering it again resets the duration). Dreamweaver equip bonus: Physical body's using weapon active restores 2,7 (5,0 at 6★) SP (CD: 5s). Astral body's using weapon active increases Charged ATK's Crit DMG by 21,1% (25,0% at 6★) for 5s (triggering it again resets the duration).

Empty Beginning
Basic/Combo/Charged ATKs deal 8,9% (12,0% at 6★) more Physical DMG. In Cosmic Dominance state, the above bonus increases to 27,1% (35,0% at 6★) and Basic/Combo/Charged ATKs deal 21,1% (25,0% at 6★) more Crit DMG.

Deal 12,1% (20,0% at 6★) more Total DMG. The presence of a user-summoned entity restores 158 (300 at 6★) HP per 10s.

VN Name: Prophetic Dreams: Self-Fulfilling
CN Name: 凡念梦兆·诸相自为

Description: It is the beyond of absolute unity and the source of all beings. When it exists in silence, the dream formed by interwoven ideas will give birth to eternal thorns, akin to the harbinger of echoes. It was here that she opened her eyes for the first time. This exceptional creature stepped into the world, walked through all things, and then said, "I believe the beauty of humans comes precisely from their errors."

Note: Upgrade from Prophetic Dreams