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Mirage Spearhead

Mirage Spearhead

ATK: 264 / CRT: 26

Undefined State [SP: 0][CD: 0s]
The weapon active's CD, max charges, and effects are decided by the wielder. In Cosmic Dominance state, the weapon gains additional buffs.

Majestic Deviation
Increases Total DMG by 5,6% (8,0% at 5★). In Cosmic Dominance state, the above bonus increases to 11,0% (15,0% at 5★).

VN Name: Mirage Spearhead
CN Name: 虚境锋刺

Description: Schicksal's combat division inadvertently created it while researching the remains of Nihilus Seed. It is extremely handy as a weapon, but appears to be an ornament broken off from somewhere. Until today, no progress has been made in replicating it.