Twirling Glaze (Valkyrie Quicksand)

ATK: 286 / CRT: 10

Moonlit Tarantella [SP: 0] [CD: 0s]
Weapon active's CD, max charges, and effects are based on user type. Increases Bleed DMG by 7.2% (12.0% at 5★). Valkyrie Quicksand equip bonus: Drumming produces Echo that deals an extra 3 x 90.1% (150.0% at 5★) ATK of Bleed DMG and grants herself Rhythm state for 15s; triggering it again refreshes the duration. In Rhythm state, all enemies take 4.8% (8.0% at 5★) more Bleed DMG.

Star Chasing Steps
Increases Total DMG by 7.2% (12.0% at 5★). Valkyrie Quicksand equip bonus: Performing Ultimate perfectly increases its Total DMG by 9.6% (16.0% at 5★). This effect can stack 5 times and lasts until this Ultimate ends. Normal judgment provides 80% of Perfect judgment's Total DMG bonus, and casting weapon active or Ultimate inflicts 4.0 Bleed Trauma on all enemies.

VN Name: Twirling Glaze
CN Name: 娑影琉光

Description: The steps mesmerize and the tambourine rings. Nagamitsu specially designed it for Susannah after her fighting style. Whether it is a training session or a mission, the girl always brings it with extra care. "A weapon designed f-for me? Wow! I'll treasure it!" "Add some gems to protect it! Alright, it looks even more dangerous!" "Try my signature winning pose when nobody's around... Aah, where did my new weapon roll to?"

Note: Upgrade to Twirling Glaze: Lustrous Bloom