Echo of Paradise: Time Ruins (Golden Diva)

ATK: 433 / CRT: 25

Domain Break [SP: 0][CD: 17s]
Unleashes a sound wave to deal 7 × 150.0% ATK of Lightning DMG, inflict 7 × 1 Paralyze Trauma, and increase the team's Lightning DMG by 15% for 20s (unique effect; triggering it again resets the duration.). Golden Diva equip bonus: QTE entry auto-casts the skill. Golden Diva equip bonus: Casting it activates Performance, or Fascination if Performance is already in effect.

Peerless Aria
All team members' Total DMG increases by 15.0% (cannot stack). After casting Ultimate, all team members' Total DMG increases by 10.0% for 20s (cannot stack). Triggering it again refreshes its duration.

Floral Harmony
Lightning DMG increases by 20.0%. Golden Diva equip bonus: After all team members cast weapon active, shoot a note at the target or the nearest enemy per 0.4s for 4s. Enemies hit by it receive 100.0% Golden Diva's ATK of Lightning DMG. CD: 18s. The effect is canceled by exiting.

CN Name: 往世的华章·时之墟

Description: After bidding farewell to the familiar faces at the time of turmoil, a resounding force lingers on the land. The remnants of the last blow dealt, after centuries and centuries of brewing, can still act as kindling for igniting new hopes.

Note: Upgrade from Echo of Paradise