ARC Serratus

ATK: 275 / CRT: 32

Void Bullet Hail [SP: 18][CD: 18s]
When scoring a hit, deals 500% ATK of AOE Physical DMG and impairs enemies (-40% DEF) for 12s. Wielder gains 5s Iron Will buff: greatly increased Ignore Interrupt and each Combo ATK decreases target's DEF by 4% (CD: 0.4s. Max stack: 5) and refreshes the duration of the impair debuff.

Iron Will
When Iron Will is active, wielder gains 50% Crit DMG and 50% Shield DMG. When Iron Will ends, gain a 6s Iron Legacy buff. When Iron Legacy is active, if the wielder exits the battlefield, the whole team gains 25% Melee Crit DMG for 12s.

VN Name: ARC Serratus
CN Name: 天穹撕裂者

Description: Big-bore firearms customized by Kiana back during her wandering. She infused Herrscher powers into this weapon to immaterialize bullets fired and pass through obstacles. Upon hitting the target, the bullets will materialize again and deal irrevocable damage.