Rudder in Dream Λ-I (Chrono Navi)

ATK: 436 / CRT: 15

Aimer: Pyrolyzer [SP: 0][CD: O]
Weapon active's CD, max charges, and effects are based on the wielder. When using the weapon active, the weapon enters Overclocked mode and boosts the user's Total 12.0% for 20s. Triggering it again resets the duration. In Overclocked mode, the weapon active releases a Pulse on hit dealing 15.0% ATK of AoE Fire DMG. CD: 0.5s.

Source Code: Temporal Dream
Increases all team members' Total DMG by 12.0% (cannot stack). Chrono Navi equip bonus: If she knocks back an Aimer-ß chakram unit in Overclocked mode, the weapon will enter a special Overclocked mode, which makes her deal 20.0% more Fire DMG to ignited enemies for 20s.

Plasma Flames
Increases Fire DMG by 15.0%. Enemies hit by Pulse receive 8.0% more Fire DMG for 15s, but if they are ignited, they receive 15.0% more Fire DMG instead. Triggering it again refreshes its duration.

CN Name: 旅梦时舵Λ-I

Description: An artificial intelligence born in a Pseudotime Crystal. Built into a general-purpose close- to mid-range weapon using futuristic materials and technologies. It can bring out the maximum output of the Aimer System, an all-round multi-unit precision strike system, to release dazzling plasma flames. As the final model, its name bears the maker's label.

Note: Upgrate from Rudder in Dream