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Abyss (Lance)

Abyss (Lance)

ATK: 275 / CRT: 29

Sacred Obliteration [SP: 0][CD: 25s]
Launches a thrust attack, dealing 50% ATK of Physical DMG. If the thrust hits an enemy who is not in Invincibility or Iron Body state, it triggers a Throw ATK, controlling the target and dealing 90% + 1,200.0% ATK of Physical DMG. While an enemy is executing certain moves, the wielder can unleash a Throw counter with no restrictions when the Weapon a Throw counter with no restrictions when the Weapon Skill button flashes, controlling the enemy and dealing 20% + 700.0% ATK of Physical DMG; this attack has no CD. Enemies hit by Throws take 10.0% bonus Physical DMG for 5s.

Death to the Defeated
Wielder deals 15.0% bonus Total DMG. Wielder has a 15.0% higher Crit Rate against impaired enemies.

Key of Creation
In Co-op raids, Valkyries deal 22.0% bonus Total DMG through weapon skills. Combo/Charged ATKs, and Ultimates. For 6s after casting a Weapon Active, Valkyries restore 1.5% max HP each time they deal DMG (can only be triggered once per second)

JP Name: Vực Tối
CN Name: 黑渊