Domain of Incandescence

ATK: 443 / CRT: 19

Light Up the World [SP:0][CD:18s]
Hurl the pistols into the air to attack enemies automatically dealing 20.0% ATK of Fire DMG per 0.2s to enemies nearby (12 hits in total) and restoring 4 SP, after which the pistols explode dealing 750.0% ATK of Fire DMG. Herrscher of Flamescion equip bonus: Pistol hurling restores 5.0 bonus SP and the explosion DMG detonates Ember Brands.

I Am the Torch
Fire DMG increases by 30.0%. Combo ATK and Ultimate deal 35.0% bonus Total DMG.

The Fire Never Dies
Enemies impacted by the weapon active explosion take 15.0% bonus Fire DMG for 8.0s. Cannot stack but can be refreshed. Herrscher of Flamescion equip bonus: Detonating Ember Brands triggers the same effect.

VN Name: Vùng Đất Rực Lửa: Ngọn Lửa Vĩnh Kiếp
CN Name: 焢煌之境:劫炎永燎

Description: In the blazing flames, she saw a pair of gentle and approving eyes. The warm eyes gave her the courage to reshape the future. The firm hand resting on her shoulder sharpened her resolve to end the long night. In the ever burning blaze, they found the path back home.

Note: upgrade from Key of Radiance