Tranquil Rhapsody

ATK: 415 / CRT: 35

Night Phamtom [SP: 0][CD: 20s]
Hold the weapon active button to enter Nightwalk mode (last 2s), during which the wielder is immune to attack; release the button to make wielder reappear and leap backwards pulling in enemies around her and dealing 1000% ATK of AOE Ice DMG. If wielded by Sixth Serenade, she will gain 300 points of Nachtsicht upon entering Nightwalk mode; in Nightwalk mode, she gains another 300 points of Nachtsicht (once during each skill span) and deals 200% ATK of Ice DMG when passing through an enemy; after casting the weapon active, tap [ATK] to immediately unleash her Combo ATK at no Nachtsicht cost.

Dirge of Totenmond
After unleashing the weapon active or Ultimate, the wielder deals 40.0% more Total DMG for 9s; CD: 15.

Frost Raven
The wielder deals 40.0% more Ice DMG and her QTE deals 40.0% more Total DMG; if wielded by Sixth Serenade, her Raven Mark deals 40.0% more Ice DMG, and she significantly gains Ignore Interrupt for 5s after unleashing weapon active or Combo ATK.

VN Name: Khúc Hát Đêm Đen
CN Name: 幽夜狂想曲

Description: The PRI-ARM form of Tranquil Arias, a mystic weapon developed by St. 1504 Labs of Schicksal. The entire project was conducted under the direction of the Schicksal Overseer. According to the researchers involved in the project, this pair of dual pistols demonstrates incredibly advanced performance that must not belong to the modern era. It enslaves darkness and unmasks all sins with its luster – it is the dominator of the night.

Note: upgrade from Tranquil Arias