Tranquil Arias

ATK: 275 / CRT: 27

Waning Moon
When attacking enemies affected by Time Slow, deal 1,000 Physical DMG and 1,500 Ice DMG to target and nearby enemies. CD: 5.0s.

Night Bringer
Character gains 15% Physical and Elemental DMG. When deployed, character gains 50% Total DMG Multiplier for 5.0s. This buff triggers once every 30s when the character is deployed. Using the Ultimate skill resets the CD and immediately activates the buff.

VN Name: Điệu Vịnh Than
CN Name: 幽色咏叹调

Description: A mysterious weapon stored at the deepest recesses of Shicksal St. 1504 Labs. Manufacturing date: Unknown. Past wielders: None. No records of this weapon could be found in the Schicksal database. Its very existence is like the shadowy darkness that descends quietly with the night...

Note: upgrade to Tranquil Rhapsody