Fenghuang Pinions

ATK: 289 / CRT: 20

Miseries Abound [SP: 6][CD: 25s]
Unleash a lightning strike upon the target to deal 200.0% x3 ATK of Lightning DMG. Tap the weapon button again to cast weapon finisher which deals 400.0% ATK of Lightning DMG to the target and enemies nearby, paralyze the target for 1s and make them take 35.0% bonus Lighting DMG for 9s (cannot stack).

Beyond Salvation
The lightning strike will leave 3 feathers around the target. Casting weapon finisher or teammates picking up a feather extends the Paralyze caused by weapon finisher and the Lightining DMG boost by 1s. All feathers will vanish after casting weapon finisher. Team deals 15.0% bonus Total DMG against paralyzed enemies (cannot stack).

Keys of Sentience
In Co-op Raid Stages, wielder deals 22.0% bonus Element DMG and 22% more against paralyzed, frozen, or ignited enemies.

VN Name: Phàm Trần Nam Độ
CN Name: 凡尘难渡

Description: One day, Miss Herrscher of Sentience was struck by an epiphany: "Divine Keys are weapons with Herrscher power. In theory, weapons crafted by me using Herrscher power are also Divine Keys." Hence this Divine Key came to be.