Starry Woofers

ATK: 234 / CRT: 8

Soul Wave [SP: 14][CD: 15s]
Attacks against an enemy at front deals 300% ATK of Physical DMG. For the next 15s, every Sparkling Star picked up by the team adds a 50% ATK of Physical DMG boost to the skill.

[Concert Stage]
When picking up a Sparkling Star, all characters gain 10% Move Speed and 10% Physical DMG for 5s. Effect cannot stack.

Sparkling Star
When the character is deployed, 1 Sparkling Star appears nearby every 3s. Sparkling Star lasts 4.5s. When picking up the Sparkling Star, deal 200% ATK of Physical DMG to a random, nearby target and enemies surrounding it.

VN Name: Sống Âm Tinh Không
CN Name: 星空音浪

Description: Kiana, the super teen diva of the Honkai universe, loves these woofers best. In fact, she loves them so much that she actually carries two of them around. Her fans said that the word printed on the woofers gave her the chance for stardom.