Proto Alberich's Bows

ATK: 279 / CRT: 35

Ties of the Wind [SP: 18][CD: 0s]
Fires compressed air projectiles in a straight trajectory, dealing 110% ATK of Physical DMG to all enemies hit. Caster gains 10 SP if the projectile hits at least 1 bleeding enemy.

Wings of the Wind
Character gains 25% Attack Speed and 25% Move Speed.

VN Name: Nguyên - Cung Yêu Tinh
CN Name: 原型·妖精之弓

Description: A Pantheon-series weapon manufactured by Schicksal using Soulium. The guns were outfitted with a Honkai-powered converter that controls the flow of surrounding air, boosting the wielder's speed while limiting the movement of her foes as though the King of the Alfar is serving as her guardian fairy.