PSY - Bows of Hel

ATK: 287 / CRT: 31

Land of Death [SP: 16][CD: 18s]
Bombards the target with light beams, dealing 9x60.0% ATK of Physical DMG and freezing enemies within the AOE for 5.00s.

Underworld River
Gain 5.0% Crit Rate. Character attacks on stunned and frozen enemies gain 40.0% Physical DMG.

VN Name: Cung Dị Biến - Hel
CN Name: 异型·赫尔之弓

Description: Nagamitsu, Director of Schicksal's St. 1504 Research Center, reverse-engineered the design prints of Alberich's Bows to craft these "bows of darkness". These guns are named after the Nordic goddess of death, who also symbolizes the bane of all Valkyries.