Light and Shadow

ATK: 270 / CRT: 39

Polar Storm [SP: 20][CD: 20s]
Generates an iceball that drags away all enemies in its path. The iceball then explodes, freezing enemies within a large AOE and dealing 850 Ice DMG every 0.9s for 4.00s.

When basic attack (including combo and charged attacks) breaks a shield, unleash a frosty blast, slowing Move Speed and Attack Speed of the target and nearby enemies in a small AOE by 84% for 4.00s.

VN Name: Quang & Ảnh
CN Name: 光与影

Description: Dual-wield guns developed by the ME Corp Headquarters via the test data results from Project-MEI. Through the compression of a powerful EM field, two conflicting types of Honkai energy particles are squeezed together to cause explosions, and suck away all heat in the surrounding area in an instant.