Judgment of Shamash

ATK: 260 / CRT: 45

Shamash Assault [SP: 20][CD: 35s]
Smite the enemies in front of the character with the Judgment of Shamash. Enemies take 100% ATK + 1,984x2 Fire DMG, have their Attack and Move Speeds slowed by 30%, suffer 15% more Total DMG Multiplier from hits, receive 936 Fire DMG per second, and have a 10% chance of being stunned for 2.5s. Debuff duration: 15s. While activated, character gains Iron Body and 80% Total DMG Reduction. When the skill is active, character loses 13% Max HP/s for 5s but will not die from this effect. Skill cannot be cast when HP is below 33%.

10% chance of igniting nearby enemies every second, dealing 301 Fire DMG every 0.5s for 3.5s. Attacks against ignited enemies gain 18% Total DMG Multiplier.

Key of Destruction
In co-op raids, team attacks gain 20.0% Total DMG Multiplier and the team heals for 7.0% HP for 5.1s whenever a character uses a weapon skill.

VN Name: Thiên Hỏa Thánh
CN Name: 天火圣裁

Description: A Divine Key weapon from the Previous Era manufactured using the core of the 7th Herrscher. This weapon exercises mastery over the element of "Fire" and boasts unrivaled destructiveness. Its true powers, however, seem to be sealed...