Jingwei's Wings

ATK: 259 / CRT: 30

Sealing Feather [SP: 18][CD: 25s]
Summons a meteor shower to smite random enemies. Deals 90% ATK of Physical DMG and ignites them to cause 97 Fire DMG every 0.5s for 1.5s. This meteor shower lasts 12s.

For each repeated hit on the same target (target resets if no attacks occur in 2.5s), the next attack gains 2.0% Crit Rate (caps at 20%) and 5.0% Crit DMG (caps at 50%).

VN Name: Cánh Tinh Vệ
CN Name: 赤鸢之翼

Description: A Pantheon-series weapon manufactured by Schicksal using Soulium unearthed from the Nine Realms. These pistols appear like a celestial bird with outspread wings.