ATK: 224 / CRT: 39

Spinning Windcut [SP: 24][CD: 30s]
Spins multiple times to slash nearby enemies and deal 174 Ice DMG per slash, then end with an explosive burst that deals 300% ATK of Physical DMG and slowing enemies by 60% for 1.50s. The character can freely move while spinning.

Hits against enemies have a 5.0% chance of accelerating Move Speed by 100% for 4.5s. CD: 10s.

VN Name: Súng Gió Lốc
CN Name: 飓风左轮

Description: Inspired by the power of the 4th Herrscher, Schicksal manufactured this weapon using an alloy with ice-type Honkai energy. Honkai EM fields at the muzzle adds a powerful spin to the bullet trajectory, imparting devastation akin to that of a hurricane.