Positron Blasters

ATK: 418 / CRT: 27

Positronic Beam [SP: 0][CD: 20s]
Upon hitting enemies, each hit deals 600% Physical DMG, paralyzing all targest for 6.0s. Can be charged twice. Knight Moonbeam equip bonus: Tap [ATK] right after casting the weapon active to directly unleash Combo ATK. All enemies hit by the Positronic Beam suffer 20.0% Physical Vulnerability for 8s. Trigger this effect repeatedly to extend the duration, but the effect cannot stack.

Leaping Arc
The wielder will generate a Lighting Chain for every 20 hits against enemies (CD: 1.5s). The Lightning Chain successively attacks up to 4 enemies within a 6-meter radius, dealing 250.0% ATK of Physical DMG and paralyzing unparalyzed enemies for 1.5s. If wielded by Knight Moonbeam, she will restore SP for each enemy hit by the Lightning Chain (1 SP for each unparalyzed target and 2 SP for each paralyzed target).

Aspect of Avaddon
The wielder gains 20% Move Speed and 50.0% Crit Damage for Combo ATKs. If wielded by Knight Moonbeam, her evasion will boost her Physical DMG by 20.0% for 12s (CD: 30s).

VN Name: Pháo Điện Dương
CN Name: 阳电子手炮

Description: The PRI-ARM form of Hyper Railguns. A built-in particle accelerator that emits a beam of positrons has been added. The annihilation caused by the collision between a positron and an electron will unleash destructive power. The discovery of the PRI-ARM technology has opened up a whole new world for Anti-Entropy's research on anti-Honkai weapons. However, Einstein believes that their understanding of this technology is still at an extremely superficial level.

Note: Upgrade from Hyper Railguns