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Von Neumann (Helia - Valkyrie Boltstorm)
Calculation Program Increases Lightning DMG by 35.0%. After activating Astral Ring Specialization: World Star, all team members deal 24.0% more Lightning DMG with weapon skills outside Stellar Outburst state, and they deal 30.0% more Lightning DMG with Resonance in Stellar Outburst state (exclusive).
Nuclear Energy Weapon Increases Total DMG by 25.0%. When Status Sequence is consumed, restores 2.0 SP to the host. Valkyrie Boltstorm equip bonus: Restores 1.0 more SP.
Debating Theories Increases Lightning DMG by 35.0%. All enemies take 15.0% more Lightning DMG (exclusive). Valkyrie Boltstorm equip bonus: After activating Astral Ring Specialization: World Star but not Stellar Outburst, for every team member that has the Domain Resonance tag, enemies take 6.0% more Lightning DMG from their weapon skill; stacks up to 3 times.
Set 2
Suppression That Transcends Domains After casting a weapon active, all team members deal 20.0% more Elemental DMG for 5s. Retriggering refreshes duration (exclusive). When Valkyrie Boltstorm casts it, the duration is increased to 15s and she takes 20% less Total DMG. During Stellar Outburst, all team members deal 30.0% more Elemental DMG with Resonance.

Set 3
Changing the Future World When a weapon skill hits, grants a stack of Status Sequence. 15 stacks max. CD: 1s. When other teammates land an attack, consumes a stack of Status Sequence and increases their Total DMG by 10.0% for 1s (exclusive). When used by Valkyrie Boltstorm, the effect has no CD, the Total DMG buff is increased to 40.0%, and max stacks increases to 30.

VN Name: Von Neumann

Note: Genius Pioneer set Set Nhà Khai Phá Thiên Tài