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Tsiolkovsky (Coralie - Valkyrie Blastmetal)
Rocket Train Increases Fire DMG by 20.0%. After a QTE attack hits, restores 6.0 SP. CD: 12s. When used by Valkyrie Blastmetal, restores 10.0 additional SP.
Rushing from the Cradle Increases Total DMG by 20.0%. Eternal Dream additionally increases the team's Elemental DMG by 16.0%.
Beyond Earth Each time the character uses a weapon skill, the next Ultimate deals 10.0% more Fire DMG, up to 50.0%. Eternal Dream additionally increases the team's Physical DMG by 12.0%.
Set 2
Predict the Future from Silence Enemies hit by Ultimate and attacks in burst mode take 12.0% more Total DMG for 25s. Retriggering refreshes duration (exclusive). When used by Valkyrie Blastmetal, additionally increases Total DMG taken by enemies by 15.0% when Astral Ring is activated, and applies the effect on all enemies when entering Stellar Outburst, reducing Total DMG taken by the character by 20.0%.

Set 3
Gaze at the Stars from Darkness Using weapon skills grants the team Eternal Dream, increasing their Total DMG by 15.0% for 15s. Triggering it again while active extends the duration by 15s, up to 30s (exclusive). When used by Valkyrie Blastmetal while Astral Ring is activated, Astral Ring buffs on characters increases by an additional 100.0% and entering Stellar Outburst grants all teammates Eternal Dream effect. The effect duration is also extended to 30s.

VN Name: Tsiolkovsky

Note: Into the Universe set