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Fu Hua: Ordinary Day (Fenghuang of Vicissitude)
Petals of Greater Beauty For every 100 max HP, increases Fire DMG by 1.00%, up to 70%.
Cooking Fire in the Morning Increases max HP by 500.0. This increase is unaffected by max HP percentage increases. When recovering HP, enemies take 20.0% more Fire DMG from the character for 10s (independent). Retriggering refreshes duration.
Fireworks of Peace and Prosperity Increases Total DMG by 30.0%. Attacks that are neither Ultimate nor burst mode deal 50.0% more Fire DMG. When HP is at or below 75%, Ultimate or burst mode attacks deal 20.0% more Fire DMG. Fenghuang of Vicissitude equip bonus: The last effect gains a 40% increase.
Set 2
Hustle and Bustle Recovering or losing HP increases the character's Total DMG by 3.5%. Stacks up to 10 times. Stacking CD: 0.4s. All stacks are cleared on exit.

Set 3
The Many Walks of Life Each stack from the 2-pc bonus also increases Fire DMG by 3.0%. The character recovers 50 HP every 1s for 5s upon exit. Retriggering refreshes duration. Fu Hua equip bonus: All enemies take 27.0% more Total DMG from the character.

VN Name: Fu Hua-Năm Tháng Bình Phàm

CN Name: 符華·凡常時歲

Note: Set Hương Vị Thời Gian Flavors of Time set