Vivider Now Increases Physical DMG by 20.0%. When the host is in Herrscher form, all team members deal 20.0% higher Crit DMG (exclusive).
Water-Clear Us Increases Physical DMG by 20.0%. When a host-summoned entity is present, the host deals 10.0% more Physical DMG and takes 20.0% less Total DMG.
Gap Before Life Increases Total DMG by 10.0%. When a host-summoned entity is present and the host causes global Time Fracture, all team members enter Life's Pistil state, which increases Crit DMG by 30.0% for 16.0s (exclusive; refreshable). Every time the host enters or applies Life's Pistil state, her teammates gain an enhancement. This enhancement is consumed on the host's next entry to refresh Life's Pistil state.
Set 2
Butterfly Transcending Death Increases Crit DMG by 10.0%. In Life's Pistil state, all team members gain 20.0% Crit Rate (exclusive). Herrscher of Rebirth equip bonus: All team members gain an extra 10% Crit Rate. Further increases Crit DMG by 17.0%.

Set 3
Shadow Emerging from the Sea When a team member enters Herrscher form, in Life's Pistil state team members on the field deal 15.0% more Total DMG, and their Ultimate and burst mode attacks deal 18.0% more Total DMG on top of that (exclusive). If a friendly summoned entity is present, all enemies take 5.0% more Physical DMG (exclusive).

VN Name: Seele: Herrscher of Rebirth

CN Name: 希儿·死生之律者

Note: Gracefully Alive set Set Sức Sống Duyên Dáng