May I Pick Scented Grass in Four Seasons. Deal 20,0% more Physical DMG. The presence of a user-summoned entity increases Physical DMG by 20,0%.
May It be as Lavish as a Banquet Deal 30,0% more Total DMG, and 20,0% more Crit DMG to Dreaming enemies.
May We Embrace Till the Night Ends Hitting enemies inflict Dreaming state for 3,0s (exclusive). Dreaming enemies take 5,0% more Total DMG from self and 10,0% more Total DMG from user-summoned entities. Triggering it again resets the duration.
Set 2
Wish of the Departed Deal 20,0% more Physical DMG and user-summoned entities deal 30,0% more Total DMG.

Set 3
Forget It Not Deal 20,0% more Crit DMG. Dreamweaver equip bonus: Enemies take 10,0% more Physical DMG from her.

VN Name: Alexandra

CN Name: 亚历山德拉

Note: Wallpapper: