(Street Rogue) Ultimate deals 10.0% (20.0% at 5★) more Physical DMG. When Ultimate deals Bleed DMG, it deals 30.0% (60.0% at 5★) more Total DMG.
(Wishing Lamp) The team deals 10.0% (20.0% at 5★) more Physical DMG to bleeding enemies. The host's attacks inflict 15.0% (25.0% at 5★) more Bleed Trauma.
(Magic Carpet Ride) Increases Total DMG by 7.5% (15.0% at 5★). All enemies take 10.0% (20.0% at 5★) more Bleed DMG.
Set 2
(Wish for Contentment with Life) The team deals 20.0% more Bleed DMG. Valkyrie Quicksand equip bonus: Her weapon active and Ultimate deal 80.0% more Total DMG.

Set 3
(Tale of Fate's Betrayal) Increases Physical DMG by 18.0%, and Combo ATK's Total DMG by 30.0%. When the host is on the field, dealing Bleed DMG restores 1 SP; CD: 1s.

VN Name: Aladdin (Valkyrie Quicksand)

CN Name: 阿拉丁